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FIC - Twice is Coincidence (BtVS) - Jitka Jaylor — LiveJournal
Incorrigible Imp
FIC - Twice is Coincidence (BtVS)
Title: Twice is Coincidence
Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: possible pre-S/X
Prompt: 143 – Gossip
Warnings: Cross-dressing
Rating: PG
Word Count: 637

Summary: Getting drunk: never a bad answer.

“Word on the street says you’ve gone the way of your Sire.” Xander slid onto the barstool and leaned his arms on the bar, his eyes lazily drifting around the room and blatantly avoiding the man next to him. The barkeep froze for a long moment, deer eyes trembling on the verge of outright terror, but Xander flicked a finger at the empty bottle and then tapped it on the bar in front of him. The beefy man ducked down, slid a new bottle of Jack Daniels onto the bar as far from the scowling blond as possible then scurried to the other end of his domain. Somehow, the distance didn’t ease his visible nervousness.

“Only a matter of time, yeah?” The deep, rough British seemed to startle the two other men at the bar. They both stared for a long moment before one pushed his drink away and stumbled out of the smoky room and the other tipped his head back and gulped his drink before beckoning for another. Xander bit the inside of his lip to keep from smiling.

“Oh, the material,” Xander murmured, finally turning and really looking at Spike. He coughed over his initial laugh. Spike glared. “Is there something the girls see that I don’t?” he asked. Because really, Easter Sunday Best was the only thing coming to mind with the lemon yellow dress falling below the knee and topped with a sky blue shrug that only emphasized the visual delicacy of Spike’s throat and shoulders. “Big Bad goes Good Girl seems a bit of a jump, to me.”

“Bloody right it’s a jump,” Spike snarled. He snatched up the new JD and wrenched off the cap. Xander didn’t know if the subdued tone was melancholy or alcohol. “Dru least made me a Debauched Duchess when she wanted to play.” Spike swallowed three very large chugs of liquid before pounding the bottle down again. “No respect, that’s what’s goin’ on here, Harris.” Those blue eyes were certainly crossed, hazed over with too much liquor, and Xander was very glad he’d brought the truck, because hauling a human home in a drunken stupor was bad enough. Spike was probably the type to try and wobble away from any helping hand.

“I haven’t gotten a lot of manly type respect for a long time, Spike,” Xander sighed. “I figure I escaped this particular fate by simply being too big.” Spike’s bleary eye squinted and seemed to consider Xander’s shoulders. There was a pout that Xander tried very hard to ignore before Spike wrapped his lips around the neck of the bottle again. Xander felt the interested heat circling low in his belly, and grit his teeth.

“How’d you find me, anyway?” Spike leaned his head on the bar, peering sideways at Xander, wondering if the boy even knew the delicious appeal of fear and arousal mixed together. Demon aphrodisiac, really.

“You’d be surprised the gossip you hear at a construction site,” Xander grinned. “Pretty blond that makes you almost miss the Adam’s apple.” Spike flipped him two fingers. “Wasn’t hard to track you down, honestly.” Xander tilted his head. “Though I think it’s about time to roll you into a couch.”

Spike watched Xander drop cash on the bar. His left hand wasn’t about to let go of the potent amber fire, but he graciously allowed Harris to slide under his right arm and haul him up to his feet.

“Room’s not supposed to spin,” Spike said. Xander rolled his eyes.

“Your speech is bizarrely recognizable for someone who can’t put one foot in front of the other.”

Spike frowned, looked down at his feet, and sternly told them, “Walk straight, ya hear?”

Xander chuckled, stuffed the boneless man into his truck, and hoped that vampires didn’t have the throw up type of hangovers.


X-posted tamingthemuse

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miriam_heddy From: miriam_heddy Date: April 26th, 2009 12:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
That's brilliant! I don't know how I missed this, but wow. Hot and funny and subtle.
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